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Linda D.



Linda D.

After having read the ad in the paper, the wisest decision I made was to call and make an appointment to visit with Dr. Bearden.  I had been treating a painful back for a number of months without finding relief that would let me lead the active life I was used to.  Pain had become a regular part of daily life.  I was not familiar with the techniques that Dr. Bearden spoke about but knowing he had had personal experience and success with the treatment decided to try it.  The Deep Tissue Laser was used the first visit and I could not believe the relief I had immediately.  The next day I had both the Spinal Decompression and Deep Tissue Laser and again a noticeable difference.  I started at a 10 for level of pain and that is now at a 1 or less. The thing that is most rewarding is the confidence and investment that Dr. Bearden and his staff have in my success and healing.  They are thorough, encouraging and there is a peace knowing that they are in my corner until the job is done.


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