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Leonard H.



Leonard H.

I have been seeing Dr. Bearden for the laser and spinal decompression for only 2 short weeks and have noticed an large improvement in my back and hip pain. I drove a metro bus for many years and built up pain in my lower spine and hip that has turned chronic over the past few years. I have been to Doctor after Doctor only to get nothing but drugs, drugs, and more drugs. It just didn’t make sense to someone like myself to just keep masking the pain because as soon as it wore off the problem was right back again and many times much worse. Since coming to Dr. Bearden, I have received much more personalized attention from him and his staff and in my opinion this can be half the healing process in so many cases. I feel like the actual problem itself is finally being treated and my long standing condition finally healing. I would recommend anyone to try this route first before resorting to drugs and endless months of ongoing pain when there are other options out there.


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