Vance S.

I started coming to Dr. Bearden and his staff four weeks ago after suffering from severe lower back pain. I am an avid golfer in which I carry my golf bag around hilly courses. Dr. Bearden took x-rays and confirmed my problem. Yep, it was me trying to be a “stud” carrying a golf bag. From my first visit until now my back has improved 200%!! Dr. Bearden (Danny too!!) really worked with me to get rid of my lower back pain. I feel so much better! I give all the credit to God in which he used Dr. Bearden to alleviate my lower back pain. All you have to do is follow Dr. B’s instructions and he will improve your back and your quality of life!! So far, I have yet to pop an Advil or Tylenol pill for lower back pain. I don’t have to since I started seeing Dr. Bearden!! Thank you and I thank your wonderful,friendly,and professional staff too!!

Eileen S.

I sought help from Dr. Bearden when I had a herniated disc in my lower back that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. I would call him a miracle worker. Not only did he help me avert costly back surgery, but his treatments, especially the deep tissue laser therapy, completely healed my injury. Five thousand stars for Dr. Bearden!

Leonard H.

I have been seeing Dr. Bearden for the laser and spinal decompression for only 2 short weeks and have noticed an large improvement in my back and hip pain. I drove a metro bus for many years and built up pain in my lower spine and hip that has turned chronic over the past few years. I have been to Doctor after Doctor only to get nothing but drugs, drugs, and more drugs. It just didn’t make sense to someone like myself to just keep masking the pain because as soon as it wore off the problem was right back again and many times much worse. Since coming to Dr. Bearden, I have received much more personalized attention from him and his staff and in my opinion this can be half the healing process in so many cases. I feel like the actual problem itself is finally being treated and my long standing condition finally healing. I would recommend anyone to try this route first before resorting to drugs and endless months of ongoing pain when there are other options out there.

Fredrick S.

I have suffered from back and neck pain for over 20 years. During the first treatment, I had Spinal Decompression and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. After the first treatment I felt much better. I was surprised how soon after treatment I could feel the relief.  Both my back and neck hurt less. As I continued the treatment my pain substantially decreased. It reduced my dependence on pain killers. I would recommend this treatment to everyone who suffers from back or neck pain.

Linda D.

I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) last March and the only help I was offered was to take Prednisone. After struggling with multiple side-effects, I eventually had to go off it. Next, I tried acupuncture, which brought some temporary relief. Then I saw an ad in the paper regarding Deep Tissue Laser Therapy with Dr. Bearden. I was out of options and decided to give it a try. Together, Dr. Bearden and I decided on a treatment plan and after 10 treatments, I have noticeably improved. I have less pain, less stiffness, and more mobility. I still have pain but it’s much less than it was. I’ve been able to resume many of my daily chores and even some of my beloved activities like gardening. I am very thankful for the help and wonderful care that I have received. I also appreciate that they made me a part of my treatment plan. Everyone has been so kind and helpful and it’s obvious they all truly care about making people well! Thank you for everything!

Gary H.

Due to a recent auto-accident, I’ve suffered tremendous pain on two-lower lumbar disc levels, as well as severe sciatic pain. When I first heard of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy I was hopeful but skeptical. During my consultation Dr. Bearden informed me he could heal the two- discs and nerve pain without surgery. After a few treatments I can honestly say it’s working!

Linda D.

After having read the ad in the paper, the wisest decision I made was to call and make an appointment to visit with Dr. Bearden.  I had been treating a painful back for a number of months without finding relief that would let me lead the active life I was used to.  Pain had become a regular part of daily life.  I was not familiar with the techniques that Dr. Bearden spoke about but knowing he had had personal experience and success with the treatment decided to try it.  The Deep Tissue Laser was used the first visit and I could not believe the relief I had immediately.  The next day I had both the Spinal Decompression and Deep Tissue Laser and again a noticeable difference.  I started at a 10 for level of pain and that is now at a 1 or less. The thing that is most rewarding is the confidence and investment that Dr. Bearden and his staff have in my success and healing.  They are thorough, encouraging and there is a peace knowing that they are in my corner until the job is done.

Eileen S.

If I were to describe Dr. Bearden in two words it would be “miracle worker.” I started seeing him about three weeks ago and had relief from a herniated disc in my lower back that was pressing on my sciatic nerve after only one visit. I opted for the corrective treatment package and the deep tissue laser is a boon to healing injured discs; I highly recommend it and Dr. Bearden if you want a cure short of back surgery.

Billy M.

I am a retired teacher after 45 years. I first went to Dr. Casey in 2004 after experiencing chronic lower back pain. The personal care I received has given me continuous relief. Recently I have been receiving “deep tissue laser therapy” treatments offered by Dr. Bearden.  I am absolutely amazed at the almost immediate relief I received. To anyone needing Chiropractic service I would highly recommend Dr. W.Casey Bearden, D.C.