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How to Avoid Back Surgery

Back Surgery Vs Chiropractic Treatments

Surgery is Often Not the Solution to low back pain and disc issues.


Have you been told you need to have back surgery? Back surgery may not be required. We have helped thousands of Nashville area patients heal their backs and avoid the back surgeon.

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Back Surgery Alternative Nashville TN

300,000 Back Surgeries Annually


Approximately 300,000 back surgeries are performed by surgeons each year in the United States. Tens of thousands are performed in Tennessee. A large percentage of back surgery patients continue to experience pain after surgery, and sometimes the pain worsens. Additionally, things like recurrent disc herniation, scar tissue development, poor surgical indication, misdiagnosis by surgeons, and inadequate surgical technique often contribute to a failed surgery.


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Chiropractic Treatments by our Spinal Specialists: Spinal Decompression & Deep Tissue Laser

We have helpedthousandsof Nashville area residents avoid back surgery who came to us with conditions such as

Our spinal specialists take great pride in understanding how the spine works and what helps it heal.


Nashville Spine and Disc Treatments

Our chiroprators take an approach that has worked time and time again. We work on treating your back, neck, or leg pain issue and recommend things you can do at home to help, such as core strengthening and a healthy diet. Our clinic uses state of the art spinal machines and techniques, including one of the best spinal decompression machines in the nation. We often couple the decompression treatments with physical therapy and deep tissue laser therapy, which relieves both pain and inflammation.


Our Book, The Chiropractic Way to Health

Spine specialist, Dr. Casey Bearden has written a book called, The Chiropractic Way to Health that includes several things you can do after receiving treatment to keep your back and body healthy.

Back Pain Relief Without Surgery